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May 26, 2009


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It's so lovely for you do this giveaway, and I am signed up for your newsletter! One area I really need to cut back in is the amount of money I spend on the car! I drive wayyy too much and need to figure out ways to cut that down.


Something frugal I do is serve oatmeal (with frozen blueberries, cinnamon, bananas, etc) most days for breakfast because it's got to be the cheapest breakfast meal and we love the variety of toppings! Way cheaper than cold cereal, which we reserve for days when we're in a rush or for Dad when he has to be at work super early.


One frugal thing I do is to grow my own veggies in my garden. I follow your blog on bloglines and I subscribe to your newsletter.


I check your blog all the time and am a reader of your newsletter. Frugal thing. I save our bread bags and use them to pack my lunch in. I also save the plastic fruit containers that you buy spinach or strawberries in and use them when taking food to someone's house so I dont have to worry about bringing it back. Hope I win! My husband and I are starting Financial Peace on Sunday. We are excited!

jenny kim

i always buy in bulk!

Melissa Ann

I NEED this pattern! Not only is it ADORABLE, but my sweet twin girls in my tummy will appreciate easy access to their all you can drink cafe!
One frugal thing I do for the babies is surf Craigslist. I managed to snag a Double Snap and Go stroller for $30 (it retails for $99!).


One of the frugal things I have done lately is started quilting....It makes me use up all my fabric scraps that I used to throw away. It is sewing for free!


cute pattern{s}.
something frugal we do...
we buy our meats at the butcher, and in big amounts.
then we come home, divide it all into meal portions and then we have meat for the month or months.


I love this pattern! I could have used this so many times in the past! Were have you been all my life! LOL

The most frugal thing I do is use coupons and shop sales. I try to plan my dinner menu every week by what is on sale and what I have coupons for.

Thanks for this great giveaway!


Love this! I was just thinking that I needed to make something like this!
To save the earth and money I use cloth diapers!
I am giving one away on my blog!


awesome patterns!
one frugal thing I enjoy is to shop for cheap overlarge t-shirts with neat designs on them at thrift stores/garage sales, then reconstruct them to look cute and fit properly - three of my favorite dressy shirts came from t-shirts ranging from 99 cents to 5 bucks.


Great patterns! Frugal things I do: shop sales, use coupons, shop thrift stores, and have shopping self control, great blog!

Kaye Prince

Frankly I've always been pretty frugal! I use coupons, shop at thrift stores, make a lot of mine own stuff, look online for deals, etc. Really anything I can think of!


I love refashioning clothes to save money! My daughter has a whole closet full of dresses made out her Daddy's old shirts!

Love the pattern!

Tara H.

We go resale shopping a lot, we hardly buy anything new. Thanks for the great giveaway! Love the patterns!


My frugalness comes through a lot in my blog, as I'm always posting ideas for ways to reuse and repurpose items that would otherwise be thrown away. Just recently I came up with a use for those plastic mesh orange bags that come with 5lbs of oranges- I turned it into a beach bag! I love recycling as much as I can.


I love your site, I am going to have to take sometime and look around. the giveaway is so sweet of you too.. My friend sent me a site thats all about this woman doing yoga for free at places and all the cool leftovers and things she puts in her oatmeal. I'll have to find it and send it to you. so cute..
thanks again!


fabulous! I really try to make things from scratch, b/c buying the supplies in bulk is less expensive than buying a pre-packaged thing - whatever it seems to be. Granola bars are my newest creation...


One frugal thing for me is knitting, sewing and... Blogging (which is quiet recent)

Kelly O.

frugal? I buy thrifted sheets for fabric instead of paying $20 a metre at the store (fabric can be $$ in Canada!)


i need to cut back on shoes!! i have way too many too count!!!


Oh, wonderful pattern! I was just wising for new nursing PJS, and here this is!!! We try to cut costs with my sewing sewing, but I'm not sure it really works that way...


to be frugal I use coupons when shopping.



Cute patterns. I always make a menu every Tuesday after the ads come out then stick to a grocery list. We rarely eat out anymore except for special occasions and it has saved us a lot of $$.


Emily G

Hi! What an awesome pattern. To be frugal, I make my own baby wipes. I refold paper towels to fit the wipe containers, then pour over a mixture of 3 c warm water, 1 TB baby shampoo and 3 TB baby oil. That makes enough for 2 containers. I buy the paper towels in a case on sale!

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