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May 12, 2009


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flowers to Philippines

Wow! this is great. I never knew that it could be possible.I think most beautiful flowers are delicious to eat. Hahahaha.... Thanks for sharing.



I have recently started following the "Rainbow Green Live Food Diet". Your info on the edible weeds is sooo great. Very helpful..and to think that I have been pulling lambs quarters and throwing them away as weeds. Who knew?? Certainly not me!! I will eat them from now on. Thanks also, for the new websites that I can visit and learn more. I appreciate all the help I can get!


My daughter recently showed me your site. Great. Another favorite for lambs quarter, like my mom fixed it, is to fry a little bacon, add some cooked diced potatoes, a little flour, vinegar and sugar, stir together and mix with lambs quarter. Spinach is good this way too. Sorry, I don't have proportions, Mom didn't measure, just cooked and turned out great meals!


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