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August 19, 2009


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I'm horrible when it comes to design,so I can't help you there. I can't wait to see the after pics though!

Michelle Grace

I encourage you to go for it! It's only paint! I've thought about using a black/chocolate glaze on my oak cabinets but haven't gotten around to it! If you're really brave, you might think about removing the soffit above the cabinets. It might open up the room a little more and give you a space to display things (platters, big serving pieces, etc.) You could also do the elevated cornice over your window like the $17 kitchen! What were you planning to use on the counters and backsplash? I've always loved white cabinets with dark counters. The oak floors are a beautiful contrast too! The tan paint would be a good neutral background and let you bring in some of those red accents! Can't wait to see your creativity, Angela~best wishes!

Andrea Lewis

I have been thinking a lot of this kitchen makeover. I have painted kitchen cupboards white and to have the table and chairs match we painted them white as well. (This was for a friend) I have thought of painting our kitchen cupboards white but with a 3 yr. old who loves dirt and the out doors, as well as a 18 mo. and another baby on the way I know that dirt and grime will show up so much more on white than the natural wood that I have now. So I am just saying consider the stage of life your family is in right now and is this the best choice for you and your family at this time? Would you consider painting the chairs as well to match? ( If it is not a antique or a table that belongs to your in-laws ) I think it would also look good if you painted the kitchen walls tan and brought in some red accents to start and see if you like it with the cupboards as they are. I have also seen cupboards that were white turn yellow. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

Kitchen Cabinets Designer

White cabinets should brighten up the place. One thing to note. If you paint then white, it will cover the grain and if you want a stained look later, you will have to sand all the white off. The white is a "paint grade" which means it will cover everything. Very often "paint grade" paints are use to cover bad looking wood.

Good Luck!


You should try this site: http://www.kitchencabinetdepot.com/ they are a great site with great selection to choose from.


I went to http://www.myinstalledkitchencabinets.com to learn what we need to know before we hired an cabinet installer. They were a big help.

toronto kitchen renovations

I think before begin painting a cabinets, there are a few details must be taken for example, Are the cabinets painted now or are we finished with a stain and varnish (or lacquer)? If we are painted, do we want to paint them the same color? Take some time to visualize what we want our refreshed kitchen to look like before we decide. This could be an opportunity for us to not only get the cabinets cleaned up, but to completely change their look.

Kitchen units

One thing to note. If you paint, then white, it will cover the grain and if you want a look colorful thereafter, you will have all white sand off the coast. White is a "paint grade", which means it will cover everything.

Kitchen Doors

I always love to pain the kitchen cabinets because it make the kitchen colorful instantly without spending lots of dollars. It is too cheap to make the kitchen colorful.

Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

We need to make sure the color of the paint you choose will match your kitchen theme and be best suited for the exposure of grease, grime, and dirt that is typical in a kitchen setting.

kitchen renovation boca raton

I am very much impressed with this kitchen work.Beautiful idea and well designed.It is one of the best work. I love to make such a treatment to my kitchen.. Good job!

house painting toronto

The best interior design and furniture are necessary for house. It gives new and pretty looks of your house. This paint is looking so great and this paint you can also clean up with soap and water. So you use this paint in your bath and kitchen. If you want their kitchen to looks great, then paint your kitchen in the prefect colors combination. Thank you for providing nice tutorial.

Debt Advice

I really like it and I am thinking about bringing the ideas from the living room into the kitchen because it looking so fantastic.

John son

waw!!!!!!!! its really such a beautiful Kitchen cabinets. its looking fantastic.

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