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September 17, 2009


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Cheryl Scott

We enjoy Phonetic Zoo by the Excellence in Writing folks.

Heather L.

This sounds like exactly what is needed in our house.

Andrea in NH

Hi Angela, This sound interesting. I used Spell to Write and Read for the past four years. However, this year, I gave it up, sadly. It just took WAY too long a day, up to two hours. So, I am trying Spelling Power. However, much of it is rubbing my "Spell to Write and Read" heart the wrong way. Maybe this tool would help me cut down on some of that time. Plus the kids LOVE to be on the computer. I could use it like a reward! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


I've never used a spelling program. My oldest is only in kindergarten. This looks pretty neat. thanks!

Tara Shannon

I haven't used a spelling program. Right now, my 3rd grade daughter brings home a weekly list and I quiz her verbally. Both she and her younger brother are very good on the computer and I think it would be great for them to practice spelling. I think it is neat that you can throw in words from previous quizzes, that way they never forget how to spell a word.


We have tried several different programs, but I usually end up making our own lists. This looks like it would be great for us!


This really sounds great! We've only used www.spellingcity.com which has been pretty useful and fun, but I'm always up for trying something new and think the kids would enjoy it too!


My daughter is not old enough for spelling quizes. But at the age of 3, she is showing interest in learning simple words like cat, fat, sat, etc....so I may start early!

Margaret Mills

I have always loved spelling. My oldest daughter is in 1st. grade and she is doing good in spelling. I've been just quizzing her verbally. But she loves to play on the computer (and so does my oldest son who's in Kindergarten.) So I think this would be a neat thing to have!


We will be using Phonetic Zoo as well this year.


This sounds interesting. I just started homeschooling my third grader and kindergartener this September. So far I've been printing spelling lists from the internet. This sounds much less random!


We use SWR too! We are taking a break. My son needed 100 easy lessons to help with reading but then we will be back to SWR. This sounds similar to www.spellingcity.com


We have four children at home and this would help with the spelling homework. Seems this is the big fight at our house. what other tips does every use to get their children interested in spelling? This software program sounds great.


What a great looking program.

Mrs. Team S

This looks like a lot of fun! Thank you for entering my name in the drawing.


My first grader could really use this program. She is struggling to do things fast enough and I know she just needs to practice. Thanks for your blog!


We'd love to be entered into your drawing. We have 2 children that could really use this. We are using Spelling Power right now, and it's not working for our family. :(


WOW! This sounds wonderful! Right now we just do it the old fashioned way...paper and pencil! I wish I had this when I was in school! Thanks for your blog! I love reading it!

Danyelle Ferguson

We've tried several spelling programs at school. Some have worked great with a few of my kids, while another child is still struggling with spelling. This would be an excellent tool to try!

Pamela Stuck

We have tried All About Spelling, but dd's level of frustration was so high last year that I've given her a reprieve until after Christmas. I'm hoping with all the copywork we do that she will at least be picking up something!


We use spelling power. This is our first year using it and so far i am impressed.


I am not sure if this is open to international entries but if it is here is mine :)
I use the old fashioned way of writing the list and practice and cover them up and try to see if they spell them correctly.



We just started using the McGuffey speller, but I'm not entirely sold on it. I'd love to try something new.


Hi Angela,
We are using Christian Liberty Press workbooks right now but have used SWR in the past. I'd love to try this program!


My daughter is in a VoWac (Vowell Orientated Word Attack Course) Program at school. Both phonics and spelling are related and new rules are practiced in both. My daughter also has a severe language disability, and she has a hard time "hearing" differences in words and recalling words. Since we spend a lot of time working at these skills, I would love to try something new.

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