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September 17, 2009


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Danyelle Ferguson

What an excellent idea! I also get the Family Fun magazine and must have missed this. Thanks for sharing!!!


I love it! My kids are major time wasters (note to self- self examination may be in order?) anyway, I have tried all manner of things to get them to be better users of their time. (and mine) My husband also tries to encourage them that "in the real world" time is money and they won't make money by wasting time. This would be an excellent way to drive that point home.


So, how would we do this for ourselves? Perhaps having hubby set the "time lot" would be fare. I think this would be inspirational! Another idea here would be to give myself a way to earn spending dollars instead of just pleading with hubby for money when I get the need to spend, and then feeling guilty for spending. I could earn those spending dollars at an amount hubby feels good about and feel proud of the spending money I've earned.

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