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October 15, 2009


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Pamela Stuck

I'll have to check out this link. I understand the will-power battle completely. I think you summed up my own feelings on the subject as well (feeling okay vs. disguted). I do have to say, though, that I'm a bit torn between this post and the last one...!!!

Angela Coffman

Pam, Bwa ha ha ha. Yes the conflict between the peanut butter chocolate pie and all fresh fruits and veggies. That is why I struggle with my weight, lol. On a table with both, I'd probably take the pie, sigh.

On a positive note, I lost a pound yesterday by choosing from the negative calorie list when I had a munchie attack. It felt like I was eating all day. I was really mad at myself when I went to bed, but it worked out okay when I weighed in the morning.

paul wynn

wow! that looks like a giant peanut butter cup.. im going to close my eyes and eat that as im afraid of the calories and indulge.


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I didn't know that celery has negative calories,lol! very informative blog keep posting.


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Wow! Awesome One You recently came across the idea that there are a whole host of foods that contain negative calories burn more calories than they contain and using them in combination can create a weight loss situation while I am still eating a lot of food.

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