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December 22, 2009


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i love the car seat organizers! my husband and i don't have any children yet, but even without kids i think i would use them! how cool. definitely on my must- sew list.


My car is an SUV but with getting kids in and out of the car, there just isn't enough room for the fancy trash containers. I throw away (and my 3 year old helps, too) my trash that I have collected in the pockets on the side of the doors or ashtrays....at whatever store I am going to (i.e. outside of Target, etc). That way the trash doesn't pile up.


OHhhh this was a big one for us. And it made me really mad and I was ashamed to open the car door if anyone was near. I had bought the organizers, But unless I physically put the items in the organizers the kids never did. We live in a small town in kansas, And have to drive out of town quite often to shop or get hubby to and from work. I don't want to health wise and money wise spend on food out. So I have snacks in the car and juices. The only thing that truly worked for us for keeping stuff picked up and trash out was... I bought each kid and myself and hubby a tote from dollar tree, The good thing about these is there are so many to choose from I could a different one for each one of us. I then put each persons name on theirs with permanent marker. These go everywhere with us, with each persons snack and drink and any little toys napkins and an empty plastic grocery bag. I pack these each trip kinda like you would a lunch box. Noone leaves the car without these coming back out each time. I even put a sign up in the car, DO NOT GET OUT OF CAR WITHOUT TOTE!!! When in the house these are cleaned out and stacked up until the next use. So the scenario is we go do our stuff. We park the car in the driveway, Everyone loads up any of their stuff in their tote, Takes out their plastic bag, fills up with any and all trash, Takes everything in. This takes some getting used to, But really does work, For us anyway. The best part is I don't have to worry about opening the back door at the store and having a diaper, someones sock, an oreo, 3 matchbox cars, a half eaten peanut butter sandwhich all falling out and attacking me and the woman trying to get into her car next to me, haha. **HINT The small pringles containers make excellent baby wipe holders for each persons tote to wipe hands or behindies and they also work well for putting in tissues, take out about 15 tissues...roll up...put in pringels can....cut slit in platic lid, and pull out as you need. Michelle

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