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December 23, 2009


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I agree that exercise is one of the best ways to care for the body the Lord has given you! I knew nothing about it until I married into a fit family, but it still took me quite a few years to get the results I so desired. I now weigh about 20lbs less than I did at my wedding and finally like how I look. I began using The Firm (the step I bought came with three Firm videos for $55 and I bought more all off ebay), but once I got where those could take me, I joined the YMCA. Classes are an awesome way to be challenged and go further than I could at home. When no one was watching at home, I often quit early or didn't use as much weight as I should have. I didn't truly see the results I wanted until I started group classes. I now go to an hour class about four times a week - mixing up step, weights, spinning, boot camp, etc.

I've also had to learn a great deal about eating, but that's a whole other issue. I would love to share with you a little more if you are interested. I'm not a nutritionist or anything but I've done enough reading to know how to eat healthy while still enjoying dessert once or twice every day! No gimmicks, just some good changes to make what I eat go the extra mile for health.

Good luck with your resolutions and blessings to you for a merry Christmas!


I have the TTapp workouts, but I've never actually done them other than a couple of test runs when I first got them :-o I will be including them as part of my fitness plan in the coming months, though.

I've been making good use of my treadmill and tracking my food for the last couple of months and losing a pound or two a week. As a lifelong stop/start exerciser, I finally found that the best way to keep myself motivated is with very specific, short-term goals, one month at a time. The problem with 6-month goals, or 1-year goals, is they're long enough to get off track and/or tire of whatever I've committed to long before the time is up. But here's the cool thing about a 1-month goal: It's a long enough time period to see results from the activity (important for motivation) and if I revamp my plans every month, not only is it more interesting, but it's guaranteed to be a good fit for my life and schedule (life is busy, and what worked last month or last year might not work right now) all of which means there's far less room for failure and lots more potential for success.

Love your newsletters and inspiration. Keep up the good work!

caitlin day

I love T-tapp workouts and lost 14 inches the first month I was using the 15 minute DVD. I think sometimes 15 minutes is the most people can commit too. And it was great for my A.D.D. I'm glad I ran into your post. It inspires me to dust it off and start the new year out ttapping!

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