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December 10, 2009


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I have always included a new toothbrush and more recently floss. My kids are now 30, 26, 25 and 23. When I mentioned stopping stockings the last several years they said, "No way! We've always gotten a new toothbrush, etc....."


My mom always used to think of the little things she owned that would "disappear" due to us kids borrowing them, and buy us our own items. Usually it was things like emery boards, nail clippers (I found 4 on Revlon bogo sale & w/coupons recently got a great deal on these) scotch tape, pens/pencils, especially with cute designs on them, that kind of thing. I find myself using this idea now, as well, in addition to putting fun little craft items and toys in the stockings. (I wish they were made in America, but Oriental Trading Company has lots of cute, reasonably priced craft kits my kids love). My dh's family wrapped pieces of fruit in foil, so we do that now, too. Oranges, apples & bananas all work well for this, and add bulk & weight to the stockings.

Lindsey in AL

scotch tape
ball of string or twine
roll of aluminum foil
duct tape
basically anything that my kids tend to use up my supplies of :)

My 8 year-old (crazy old man that he is) always gets a can or two of sardines in his stocking. Most kids won't like that but any sort of food treat that they don't get often is fun. One year I gave each of them one of the single serving microwave mac and cheese bowls. They thought I was crazy but they loved them :D

Both of my boys will get one of the ball-shaped bottles of Coke in theirs as well. We seldom allow soda and they LOVE to drink those things on Christmas morning- breakfast of champions! I got one of those glasses that McDonald's is handing out right now and I am going to get another for my other son.

My "big" girl will get a new Hello Kitty "diary" and some funky little mechanical crayons from the Target dollar zone. She'll also get new panties with characters on them that I got on clearance in July. My boys will probably get 3 or 4 pairs of socks each, which they desperately need.

I also usually put a toothbrush in each of ours, sometimes a fancier one than the super cheap ones I usually buy, but sometimes just a regular one.

Lindsey in AL

Oh! I usually put a movie from the $5 bin at WM in each of them as well. I collect these throughout the year so they each get something they'll really like. This is more of a regular present but they fit nicely in stockings so that's where they go.


I pick up things all year long when I find them on sale for a dollar or two. This year that means a headband for my daughter and toy airplane and truck for my son. Any hair accessories are great for girls! I've learned a lot about frugal shopping this year because we are adopting and don't have much to spare for frivolties! It's been a great learning experience and I hope to continue even when there's not a pinch.

I would love to try the Fancy Nancy lipgloss if I win!


Here are a few I shared on another board, mostly w/older kids in mind:

Stamps, pencils/pens, USB drive, key chain, gum, toothpaste, deodorant, dental floss, crochet/knitting hooks, CD (there have been oodles on sale here at Family Christian), sticky pads, post it tabs, batteries, scotch tape, recipe cards

Andrea Lewis

So far there are homemade mittens, hat and slippers, as well as a homemade headband and hair elastics for my daughter 3 1/2 yrs, and 3 knitted sheep for my son 20 mo. (I was going to make him a whole farm set but time is running out) All from leftover wool and fabric scraps, patterns from library books. I still would like to include a cup for both of them and possibly some homemade bibs as my son needs some and an apron for my daughter who starts to help in the kitchen.


some of the things i put in their stockings are candy jewelry pencils and small toys that will fit


we always do practical things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and of couse there is always a little bit of candy


i always liked to get stuff that i would use, it always bothered me to get usless toys and trinkets that would get tossed a couple weeks later...


I put toothbrush, toothpaste, small toys, few candy, pencils, small notebook, chapstick, and fruit in their stockings.

great idea to post about christmas stocking. some of them that I was not think of it .. thank you !


Depending on ages here are a few ideas: a small book; coin money (gold dollar coin); Stickers; $1 store musical instrument; molding clay; fruit; cute socks; deck of cards; travel size puzzle; bubbles; popcorn seasoning (to match their personal tastes); fake bugs or reptiles; a baby doll accessory such as a bottle or outfit.


I'm still learning what to put in stockings. I like to put sewing notions or scrapbook things in mine. My husband and boys often find fishing tackle or other small things related to their hobbies. I found a small glass pig at a chain decorating store and that is going in someones stocking this year.


fruit & candy!

Barbara Watkins

It might be nice to put little writing kits, some stamps, pen, and notecards..you could print those yourself on the computer. Then in the new year you could encourage writing to grandparents, friends, etc.


fancy soaps, scarf and mittens, books, mug, orange, candy, stickers, art supplies, christmas pencils and erasers, hairbrush, headbands, elastics, and barrettes


These are some of the things that I put in stockings for my girls this year: earrings, lip gloss, New Moon candy bar, lifesavers storybook (I always got one when I was a kid, slippers, small earphones.

Tonya Heiden

I read all the other blogs and here are my additions that I hope I'm not duplicating. My kids love to use envelopes. So each one gets a box of their very own. I also put in gift certificates for our $2.00 movie theater, pocket calanders($1.00 at the dollar store or free from hallmark...they don't know the difference!), cans of soda ( a real treat since they don't get it very often), slim jims, bubble bath, lotions and sprays, and I have even put deoderant and disposable shavers in. I use coupons for personal items so I get them next to nothing. I also garage sale and get great gifts for my kids that haven't been open or are slightly used.

Melissa Naasko

Actually, my kids always get a new toothbrush and a tube of chapstick. Decorative thumbtacks, funky binder clips and paperclips, caligraphy pens and brightly colored pens are also there most of the time!


Sometimes I find fun little things in the Target $1 spot. I've also included small notebooks, special pencils, colored pencils, tape and rechargeable batteries.


Cindi Nicks

Handmade coupons are great! Give a coupon for "one free hug", "one free kiss", one night of "free babysitting" so the other spouse can have a special fellowship night with friends, etc....

Cheryl Scott

Books and a booklight

I've really enjoyed your Grocery Shrink news.


I always include fun breakfast treats that we don't usually buy. This usually means fuit that they like (a pomegranite or orange, or small can of pineapple or mandarin oranges, for example), a bottle of fruit juice, packet of cocoa mix, granola/snack bars, single serve box of sugary cereal, beef jerky sticks, etc. This fills a lot of space and also ensures they have something to eat while they wait for the adults to wake up for the main gift giving/receiving event (they can dig into stockings first thing, before adults wake up, since they're always up long before us!) I also include one small toy/game that can be played with, and misc. useful items like lip balms/lotions, hair brushes/combs, small tools or art supplies depending on the interest of the child, and always a notepad with a really fun pen. Sometimes I include disposable cameras as well.

Natalie Elpert

I did something really special for my daughters this year - I told them Santa had come a bit early and handed them a stocking. Inside was a baby kitten, so adorable that even my "tough" husband can't stop kissing it!


If you have a Half-Price Books nearby, hit the clearance rack in the children's section. The books there are around 50 cents or a dollar, and they usually have a nice selection (it regularly revolves, too).
Some things my mom used to put in mine: colored bendy straws (I love to drink with bendy straws), fuzzy socks, nice-smelling soap, a "pouf" scrubby for me to use in the bath or shower, a little scented shower gel (Bath and Body works often has them on sale for a good price at this time of year). Also, the dollar store can have fun things for stocking stuffers, too.

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