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January 11, 2010


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We used to have house rabbits. They can be litter box trained, but it tends to work better with older rabbits. Most rabbits have a "favorite" spot (or spots) which are good places to put litter boxes--the more you put out, the more likely they will be used. When he does his thing, move the mess to the nearest box, and if you catch him doing it, move him straight to the box right then. And be very, very patient. It can take many months. Also, he *will* chew on everything in your house if left unattended. Sometimes they chew out of boredom, but they also NEED to chew to keep their teeth worn down (chunks of nontreated wood work great). Ours also enjoyed playing with things like tennis balls and an old tin mug with a handle they could get their teeth around in order to carry it. Rabbits will surprise you with their intelligence and capacity for "fun" if given the opportunity. The wool is a lovely bonus for an already great pet. Have fun!


Thanks for your tips. I bought a litter box yesterday and he has been climbing in and out of it. We'll try your suggestions.

We've also been letting him run on the kitchen floor since it is easy cleanup in there. He slips and slides a bit. Its' a hoot.

He's scared a lot but I think he will get used to us and it will be better. I'm so glad they like to play and have fun.

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