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March 16, 2010


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Can you do this to abused wooden utensils and improve them? (As in they've been riding thru the dishwasher) Or should you just get new ones?


Yes! You can salvage old, abused, wooden utensils this way.

Carrie Blackman

Should this be done with bamboo utensils too?


Yes, Bamboo should be seasoned the same way. You'll love how beautiful the utensils are after seasoning.


I wonder if coconut oil would work. It is stable and has antibacterial properties.


Walnut oil is both safe and stable. It is perfect for this. I've used it in the past for sealing wooden toys we made for the children, and also for conditioning my wooden knife handles.


I love the pampered chef bamboo tools because they are already finished with a carmel coating that comes out beautifully after each dishwasher experience.


Beware of using walnut oil or any other nut oil if someone has nut allergies. As someone who makes wooden utensils, I highly recommend a food-safe butcher block conditioner, one made of beeswax and mineral oil. If you can't find this, just use mineral oil.
If your utensils are 'fuzzy' from accidently going into the dishwasher or non-care, just take a piece of very fine sandpaper or even brown paper bag and 'sand' the utensil. Finish by applying the wood conditioner or just mineral oil.


Great tips! I have a lot of wooden utensils in my kitchen and don't know how to take good care of them. These are great tips! I'll remember them surely.

Roupas de bebê

Olá! Parabéns pelo site! Muito bonito, organizado, "clean" e bem redigido. Muito obrigado por contribuir, fornecendo conteúdo de qualidade para nós - pais - que buscamos algo de valor para compartilhar em casa com nossos filhos e com a nossa família. Atenciosamente Alex

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