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April 02, 2010


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LOL, I did almost the same thing last night. Except it was stretch knit. And it was Thurs, so no church. Actually it was bedtime--Oops! And I made minute steaks w/ bruchetta. So never mind. It wasn't the same thing after all :).


What's amazing is that you not only put together a meal in no-time-flat, but that you also photographed it for your blog!!!

Tammy L

Yummy!! I love grilled stuffed burritos. That top photo looks especially appetizing!! :)

Andrea Lewis

Would you care to share what the toppings on the burritos are and if you have the recipe? It looks so good I would like to make some.

Sara Phillips

So simple and inexpensive and looks very yummy. Thanks for sharing.


The toppings were just mashed avocado and jarred salsa. You can see the recipe for the guacamole a few posts down--Avocados everywhere. It's so easy and so tasty! Just 3 ingredients.

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