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April 01, 2010


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Wow, that's a LOT less oil than my recipe calls for - I'll have to try yours out. I'm not usually into the soaking thing, but I can see how it might help the texture in this case.


Any trick to getting your tortillas round shape? I made some a couple weeks ago and they were such odd shaped!! I will try your recipe next time!!

Lindsey in AL

I have a whole wheat tortilla recipe I really like and actually enjoy making (!) but it really is time to start soaking them. How crucial do you think the hard wheat is? I currently use soft white in our tortillas and we all like the way they taste. We're not crazy about hard white, we prefer hard red (weird, I know) but tortillas don't seem like they should be as wheaty as hard wheat will make them. I may just have to have a go. Oh, and a Silpat really is the key to rolling them out quickly and easily- I LOVE mine and don't know how I lived 32 years without one :D


Wow! Raw milk at $3 a gallon! That is a steal! Our local farm was $6.25 and June 1st the prices will be $8.

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