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May 13, 2010


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This is probably not the comment you want, but I can't get the link to work! :( I just got a sewing machine the spring, and I think this would be a great project to try out!! I have a few weddings, birthdays, etc. this summer, and I think this would be quite a useful gift. I can't wait to see the pattern!


Thanks, Laura. It works now.

Laura: Thanks for the quick reply! I just printed the instructions. Easy peasy! Thanks for a great present idea.

Have a wonderful day,


It seems I am always looking for frugal wedding present ideas. Thanks for the great idea!

Pamela Stuck

Very nice! I wish I had this a day or two earlier. Maybe I'll have to make some anyway for a late birthday present for my mom! (Today is her birthday)


Pam, Just start :). You can have them finished before the party.


I adore this idea! So fun!! I think I would also add some homemade pot-holders.


Love the idea! Super simple and so cute. I just might use this on a dress collar or along the hem of a jumper, too :)


I too love the etsy tea towels but I just dont go for the price. I love your pattern and cant wait to try it out. Thanks.


Stacy H.


Cute towels and packaging. I'm wondering how you printed on the tags for each gift ("half apron", "cafe' apron", etc.). Did you use a labelmaker?

Thanks, Stacy


You will laugh at how elementary I did the tags. I opened up an archaic version of power point (1993 I think) and used their shape tools to make a tag shape. Then I typed text on it, printed them out on white cardstock and cut them out with scissors. I'm sure there is a fancy way to do it, but that worked for me :).

honeymoon registry

Perfect wedding gift. Aside from saving money it will make the gift more valuable. Thanks for sharing.

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