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May 25, 2010


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Angela, I have always purchased wallpaper paste because I heard the homemade stuff can get moldy. If I remember right, there is something one can add to homemade paste to help stop that, but I cannot remember what it is. Have you ever had a problem with that? I am allergic to mold and never wanted to chance it.


Mold is NOT good, I agree. I've never had a problem with mold in the wallpaper as long as it stays dry. The ingredients in the commercial stuff (regular, not vinyl to vinyl) aren't much different than homemade and a few drops of tea tree oil will stop mold in it's tracks.

Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to add some tea tree the next time.


I am thoroughly enjoying th eposts of all you've been doing to you home(which already looks good to me by the way!)
Please keep the pictorial/tutorial posts coming!
I am hoping to try teh faux leather floor on an area in our house where water damage occured.However we haven't fixed teh problem of hte water coming in yet, so I have to wait.


I'm going through old posts of yours and must have missed this in the beginning. WOW! that is just stunning!

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Wall art

I bet this a great activity and boding with your kids at the same time. I'm sure they will enjoy designing wall papers.

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