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May 28, 2010


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Janel Bezona

That is way cute! You make it look so easy!


BEAUTIFUL! My girls love nightgowns, this would be right up their alley.


You are amazing. Love the creativity


This is great! I sew the same way and sewing is always cheap for me. When people talk about how expensive sewing can be, I tell them they are doing it wrong! People are too intimidated to try drawing their own pattern--if they only knew how easy it was. Keep preaching, sister.

Country Girl in the City

I love this, you did a great job and it's so pretty. I found a thrift store jumper that I holding onto so that I can make it into something else for my daughter. She's only two, so I'm thinking a cute summer skirt....


This is great! If only I knew how to sew. (I'm hoping to learn soon. ) I always love seeing what you're doing and hearing your advice, Angela!

Andrea Lewis

Wow great idea! I wish you were my neighbor, I just finished changing one of my old denim skirts, into 2 pairs of shorts for our ds- 2, and in need of shorts. I made pockets with the scraps, recycled the elastic and still have a zipper to use.


Oh thats so cute! Thanks for sharing.

 Medical Advice

both beautiful girls and dress..love it..


Absolutely adorable!! As they say, "one man's trash is another man's treasure"!! I don't think the skirt was trash by any means, but the meaning behind it is the same!! You are so creative - I love it - as I am sure Heidi does too :)!!

Cheryl Scott

You are amazing! Thank you for taking the time to document how to do something like this.

Lorelei Friedl

Love it!!
Say, what kind of sewing machine do you have (not the serger). My old machine won't sew decently on knits(sucks it into the bottom- I've tried everything).I am looking to upgrade soon, as the machine has other issues too. Thanks!


I have an old New Home which is made by Janome. I love their machines. You might try using a thinner needles. Say a size 9 or 10 ball point. The right needle fixes a multitude of problems and too thick a needle will shove your fabric into the throat plate. Also start in a little from the edge. It seems fine fabrics started right on the edge will shove down too. HTH.


Beautiful and your daughter is beautiful too :)

Tina @ Squirrel Acorns

Cute, cute, cute! I need to do more "re-fashioning". Thanks for the step by step, it was great.


This is ridiculously cute!! I can't believe you got that out of that plain skirt!

Kitchen units

I found a jumper in the savings bank I gripping so that I can do anything for my daughter. It is only, so I think a cute summer skirt.

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