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June 05, 2010


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WHOA! Thanks for that! We ALSO have a blue magic-marker stain on about three different things, and I can't get it out. Will try this!


Wow! I will definitely remember that! Thanks for the tip.

(I got to your blog from Melissa Salmon - we are in the same Sunday School class at FBC Bryan, and I went to Bryan High years ago.)

Country Girl in the City

Thanks for this tip. I may give it a try on a few items that have been sitting in my stain basket for a while. It's worth a try.


Yesterday my son took an ink pen and wrote all over my micro suede couch and then today he took a blue sharpie and colored the other parts of the sofa. Coincidentally I had a large bottle of instant hand sanitizer from the hospital after my son was born. The hand sanitizer had just recently expired so I wanted to use it soon. The couch is a "treasure" find because apparently people around here throw out things when they get dirty (even if its super easy to clean) lol. So I figured, what have I got to lose? If it takes off the couch color it's not like I'm out any money on the couch or the hand sanitizer. So I very liberally applied the sanitizer and rubbed it in, it almost instantly took the ink pen and sharpie off! A few of the darker spots needed a second treatment, but it didn't affect the couch color at all! Also a few extra awesome things about this particular cleaning job, my hands feel fantastic afterward and it dried off the couch super quickly. Fabulous idea, thanks for posting it!

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