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June 02, 2010


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Janna Qualman

All this stuff is what makes it life, y'know? :)

Hang in there.


So glad to know I'm not alone. Trying, and sometimes failing, is how we learn! Good for you for giving it a go.


Thanks for keepin' it real. :) Makes your blog more endearing, something I want to read.

Hang in there - the process is putting "hair on your chest", so to speak!

LOVE your blog.


Do you have any pictures where that process worked? It looks amazing!

(A new reader, haven't made it through all your archives yet!)


Found it! (Am now plotting....)


Oh my life just doesn't always go as planned. Anywhere!

Lindsey in AL

Oh Angela! Keep your chin up- you know it will all work out in the end.

We currently have all of our hangup clothes piled on top of the dining room table (for 6 people!) a full sized mattress standing against the wall in my bedroom (where there's only 20 inches of clearance on the 3 open sides of the bed) and my screened porch (which I made pretty a week ago) is now full of scrap plywood, the pieces of our kids' double-decker double bed, crib mattresses, dining table leaves and a whole tabletop. Did I mention I am almost 38 weeks pregnant? Nobody cares if you only post the good stuff and nobody cares if you post the bad stuff either. You are awesome!!

Also, try to find yourself a pair of Knipex pliers. My husband LOVES his and they are amazing at pulling things out without punching yourself in the nose like regular pliers can make you do. He calls them his "danger pliers" because you can also crush your finger in them if you set your mind to it (not accidentally though).


I'll take you word for it...just switched bedrooms so I know what you mean.


Would painting the subfloor white with kilz first work? Just wondering because I think the idea of the white paper would be super pretty in my girls room too :)
And thanks for posting the "oops" photos, it is nice that not everything works perfectly, but I have learned so much from you and I come here to get motivated to be more creative. I love to sew and I successfully changed my daughters tan slacks (with a hole in the knee) into a super cute skirt. She calls it her "everyday skirt." It was a grocery shrink kind of moment :)

Pamela Stuck

I can't wait to see the finished products of your amazing projects. It is nice to keep it real, but even so you are still a super woman!


I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing all your great ideas and also the projects that don't work out as planned. I have lots of projects that seem to fall in this category. Thanks for being real!

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