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June 07, 2010


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I would be lost without a meal plan! I also plan out all of the baking I will do each week as well as an assortment of things I will have on hand for breakfasts and lunches.


Good tip. I usually buy meat on sale, then plan around that. Also, I rank my meals based on which ingredients will spoil the fastest, and make those first.

Amy E.

awesome tips! my husband and i do a smaller scaled version of this about once every week or two and write everything down on a white board. it's fun to swipe it clean after dinner and the white board gives us some flexibility if we don't feel like having such-n-such for dinner one night we can switch it for another night.

it's really helped us not only cut down on grocery costs, but also on costs incurred from impromptu dinners out ("oh we forgot to defrost this, guess it's out to eat tonight!") and also on the cost of gas from repeated trips to the grocery store for just one or two things every day or two during the week ("oh darn, we forgot the taco shells for taco night; it's okay, we'll just go to the store AGAIN")!

also, we have an ALDI near our house which also happens to be a block or so away from a Publix. it's worked out great because ALDI's prices can't be beat, but they don't carry everything. so we get what we can at ALDI and then mosey over to Publix without adding any time or distance to the excursion away from home. it's almost as if we only made one trip!

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it's worked out great because ALDI's prices cannot be beat, but they don't carryover everything. so they get what they can at ALDI and then mosey over to Publix without adding any time or distance to the tour away from home.

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