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June 12, 2010


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Hi Angela,

I just found your website through a friend and would LOVE to write about it in my new blog (I am such a newbie at this) and also in an Examiner.com article sometime soon (also new).

We needed additional income and I told the Lord that I simply do not have the energy to add a second job to my life. In asking Him what to do, He said to me "What do you LIKE to do most?" and I said "Write!" so He said, "Then write!"

Have I made money? Not at all but I've been on an adventure learning and loving all of this.

Today He gave me Psalm 45 (I think probably verse 1) and I realized that I must to write a noble theme. I need to pray before every word. Currently, I am writing more about organizing than anything but I am a natural encourager, as you are.

Anyhow, may I reference your website in an article or two and in my blog? Someday I would like to advertise on your website when I figure out how that works! LOL

Many blessings
Sinea Pies
Rochester NY

Yoga Journal

Hey there, thanks for reading my last post and leaving a comment! I’ve recently started a yoga blog of my own and have been posting on my travel notes. I had emailed to friends and relatives about your blog, catch you on the next one.

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